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Needle Roller Bearings


Needle roller bearings have a cylindrical needle-type roller with a comparatively small diameter, where the length is greater than the diameter. Needle roller bearings have small cross-sectional height, and compared with other types of bearings, feature high load capacity and rigidity compared to the space taken by the bearing. Another feature is the low inertial force, which is appropriate for oscillating motion. Using these bearings, it is possible to make mechanical equipment smaller and lighter in weight. Also, it is easy to replace a sliding bearing with a Needle roller bearing.
(Ref. catalog "Needle Roller Bearings" CAT. No. 2300/E etc.)

Large Bearings


In JIS standards, bearings with a diameter of 180mm or more are called large bearings. At NTN, we have a proven record with various models -- among which are bearings with an outer diameter exceeding 5 m, and single bearings with a load capacity in excess of 14,000 tons.
(Ref. catalog "Large Bearings" CAT. No. 2250/E etc.)

Ball & Roller Bearings


With more than ninety years of manufacturing expertise in ball bearings, NTN offers one of the industry’s widest arrays of ball and roller bearings to fit your application. The range of products include but not limited to radial ball, cylindrical roller, spherical roller and many others. This catalogue is often referred as the general catalogue of NTN and is useful in providing the necessary information for your needs.  

(Ref. catalog "Ball & Roller Bearings" CAT. No. 2202/E etc. .)

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