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Corporate Philosophy

NTN corporate philosophy system consists of the NTN Spirit, the mindset and actions NTN group employees are to aim for, based on our founders' spirit (Frontier spirit, Coexistence and co-prosperity spirit), with NTN corporate philosophy (MISSION, VALUES) at the summit.

We aim to contribute to “NAMERAKA* Society” with NTN Spirit as our business policy.

* “NAMERAKA” means “smooth ” in Japanese


NTN Values


Frontier Spirit & Coexistence and co-prosperity Spirit


We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products.


  1. Creation of original technologies.

  2. Offering the technologies for additional values and service that are suitable for each customer and end user.

  3. Improvement of employees' standard of living, distribution of fair returns to stockholders, and contribution to society based on the steady growth of our business.

  4. Promotion of globalization, and formation of management systems / corporate organization which are essential for NTN, as an international leading company.





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